20 days until Cassidy comes home.

How we came to adopt Cassidy.

Our dog Zach died suddenly. Seizures. After three years in our home, The Australian Shepherd mix with the crooked face and single eye had finally gotten to where

Imagewe could trust him. I believe this was because he came to trust us.

Then he was gone.

We wanted to adopt another dog, (we like having pairs) but decided that Ripple could use some one-on-one time. She’d been a challenge from the time we brought her home as a three-month-old pup. I nicknamed her The Tornado.

I feared that bringing a new dog into our lives, before Ripple responded better to commands would only double our challenges.

I devoted time to working with her every day for several weeks, and she’d been doing well. I also regularly checked Petfinder.com to see if there was a dog in our area that might be a good match for us.

Petfinder www.petfinder.com is a database where people can search for adoptable pets by zip code. We adopted our last three dogs through this site.

But this time finding the right match was going to be more difficult, because we had recently adopted cats.

Our criteria:

We needed a cat-friendly dog

that could get along with other dogs

and that we could train for off leash.

We thought we had found a perfect match; a one-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mixed named Puddy. There had been no warnings about cats or other dogs near his post, he was listed as having a good temperment, and he seemed to be about Ripple’s size.

I Googled the breed and learned that Australian Cattle Dogs were highly trainable, but required strong leadership, because they tended to become Alpha dogs. This was not necessarily a deal breaker, as Mike and I have some experience with strong-willed dogs, and Ripple is a born follower. The fact that Puddy was listed as having a good temperment gave me reason to believe that he was easy going.

Puddy was available through Crossing Paths animal rescue www.xpar.org. I clicked on the application on Puddy’s page and filled it out.

A few days later someone from the group called me and gave the phone number of Robin, the woman who had been fostering Puddy. I called and spoke to her about the dog. As soon as Robin heard about our other pets she suggested that Puddy would not be a good choice, as he seemed to hate cats and was bossy with other dogs. She said that she had two dogs in her home that would do very well, however; a 5 month old shepherd dog, named Ryder and a Border Collie mix named Sabrina. As with all of the pets sponsored through this group, these pups had been rescued from a kill shelter. Robin said she would cat test both dogs for us.

It was very difficult to choose between these two beautiful dogs. We had hoped than one do better than they other during the cat-test, and that would make our mind’s up. In the end, they both did well. We decided to adopt Sabrina because it seemed that should would grow to be a little smaller than Ryder.


Mike came up with the name Cassidy.


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