19 days until Cassidy comes home

Some of the dogs that we’ve adopted from rescue


While not technically a rescue, because we adopted Lexi from a friend who found her too much to handle, we were Lexi’s third home. She came to us when she was two, and while only time could limit her energy and impulsiveness, Mike and I consider her to be that once in a lifetime dog.
Lexi died following a seizure when she was twelve.


Like many of our dogs, Chloe came from the South. She was a stray in Virginia who was picked up by a dog warden, and was about to be euthanized on the spot. She was rescued from that fate by two women who contacted a herding dog rescue group. They arranged for her to be brought to the Bronx, where she was treated for mange and malnutrition. When she was healthy enough she was put on the registry.
She came to live with us as a bright and well mannered one-year-old who had a tendency to bring household items out through the doggie door.
Chloe passed away from cancer when she was eight.


Zach was our oldest rescue. He was five when he came to live with us, and we knew at the time that he would be a challenge. Fearful and non trusting, Zach had a tendency to growl and snap when someone came near him. He was also a runner, who liked chasing cars. I learned a great deal from Zach about the affect that a new dog can have on an established pet. I had assumed that Zach would learn good manners from Chloe, who had been a model dog. In fact the opposite happened. Chloe began running, and chasing cars, too. After some training and hug therapy Zach became a dog that we could trust both on and off leash. Towards the end of Zach’s life he became a well behaved, well mannered dog , who would actually go to people, seeking affection.
Zach died following a seizure when he was eight.

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