18 days until Cassidy comes home

A little about Cassidy’s new pack (part 1)


Pebbles and Bam Bam

We adopted these cats last year after their mother had been killed by a car. Mike had found a mouse in our pantry, and we had been talking about getting a cat. So when the parent of one of my students found these guys under her porch we decided to take them in.


They were just three weeks old when I brought them home in a cardboard box. They had huge bellies and short legs and could barely walk. I had gone out and bought supplies.  Mike and I had never owned cats, much less infants, and had nothing for them. I bought this little stringy ball toy, thinking they’d have some fun. Mike and I watched with bated breath as the kittens made absolutely no attempt to play with it.

(Our daughter Jillian feeding Pebbles.)




Funny, because a few weeks later they were into everything.

(The photo of our dancing kitties was taken by Lee Ingraham)





One of our concerns in introducing a new dog to our home is the safety of our cats. Our plan is to bring Cassidy into the fold slowly. We’ll keep her in a wire crate at first, so she can watch and learn, and the other animals can get used to her as well. This way we can see her reaction to the cats, too. When she is out and about she’ll have to be leashed, until she understands the house rule about cats: We don’t chase them.  

Tomorrow’s Blog: Ripple.


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