She’s here!

Cassidy’s first day

Although, my intention today is to write a very nice blog about Cassidy’s arrival, I am apparently too enamored with this beautiful dog to form a thought. As such, I have written the following sentence three times; Cassidy has just discovered Ripple’s toy box, and Mike and I have been watching her transfer its contents to one of the dog beds.DSC_0009

Yes, she is adorable! And yes, Ripple does mind sharing her toys (and the attention of her people) with this interloper. But she’s a good dog, Ripple is, and her low growls and raised back-hairs are instantly calmed with the simple reminder to, “be nice.”

Even our cats, who we feared would become victims of a newly introduced predator, are presenting as the bullies instead of the beaten. This leaves Cassidy with a clear place at the bottom of the pecking-order, at least for now – a fact to which she appears oblivious.


Lee Ingraham, Mike and Cassidy

It’s all new to her, from being in a house, to being on a leash, to managing a set of stairs. But this intelligent creature appears responsive and intuitive. A gentle nudge from the dinner table is enough information to prompt her return to the dog bed from which she had come, and for her to dutifully wait for us to finish our meal before seeking attention. She’s learned to climb up and down stairs and to walk on a leash in an afternoon.

One would think that she would be exhausted following a day-long ride from Alabama in box truck, but not this tireless pooch. Now that she has mastered the stairs, she has been up and down them at least seventeen times, which means that I have been up and down them. DSC_0015

That said, I have no doubt that she will be housebroken in no time, and that she and Ripple will become great playmates. Cassidy will also be a blast to train, which will be the topic for Wednesdays blog.

Wednesday: Crate training Cassidy.

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4 thoughts on “She’s here!

  1. I am so glad she is settling in. I especially love the picture of her hoarding the toys. I am sure this comes from having to share her toys with 2 other rambunctious rescue puppies she just left on Friday. Give her kisses from her former foster mom! I look forward to reading updates about her.

  2. Hi Robin. I sure will. Funny. We had another Border Collie mix that used carry the dog toys (and some household items) out in to the yard through the doggie door. Cassidy seems to be making herself at home, which makes us feel good.

    • Oh that’s funny. We had another border collie mix that cleared a nest of hedgehogs out from under the shed. She used to bring the little pink babies in through the doggie door. One time it she dropped at my feet during a party we were hosting. Ah memories.

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